Privacy Policy

We are committed to maintain security of all the information including names, addresses, identification numbers, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and phone numbers. Moreover, our system is completely secure for all the financial transactions. We adhere to the corporate law and follow legal procedures and commercial laws enforced in Pakistan and Asia. No information regarding any client/group of clients will be shared, sold, or used for any other purpose in any case.

None of our representatives, website, or email will ask you any irrelevant or private information. As a policy, we do not collect our user's information other than their names and the purchases they did. We have been fully complying with our privacy policy in the best interest of our valuable customers and so far, we have proved ourselves as a role model of best practices in the industry.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please frequently check our privacy policy as Ontechspot may incorporate changes in the privacy policy from time to time. Ontechspot reserves the right to change and modify its privacy policy at any time. All changes to the privacy policy will be published on our website: